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    Can anyone make a great theory on how such power can be possible? This is just for fun.

    avec amour,
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    Quote Originally Posted by rmbettencourt View Post
    Can anyone make a great theory on how such power can be possible? This is just for fun.
    Quantum mechanics, possibly. For example, quantum tunneling of macroscopic objects isn't prohibited by nature, theoretically. It is just of extremely low probability. There is some physical experiments (for example double slit experiment) which prove that quantum world depend on observer somehow. Possibly, observer can affect probabilities in the quantum world and make some thing happen which are of very low probability in nature. For example, make some macroscopic object tunnel from one place to another. The most important it doesn't suppose to violate either the first or the second law of thermodynamics, so the total energy suppose to stay the same and entropy doesn't suppose diminish.

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