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Thread: The True Power Of Trek Phasers

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    Phasers, when real physics are factored in, are the most powerful trek weapon ever.

    They can travel at light speed, maybe even faster.

    That said, can you imagine what would happen if you fired a phaser at light speed INSIDE an atmosphere? It would be like hitting a brick wall with a nuke, that's what would happen. You would kill yourself and everyone nearby withing several miles.

    So, obviously, handheld phasers must not be firing at light speed, since that's insta-death via a mushroom cloud.

    Photon torpedo smeedo, a phaser going a lights peed is matter of some short, and matter going at light speed has INFINITE energy. Shields shouldn't be able to hold up to them at all.

    You can't say they absorb it, since nothing can absorb infinite energy, surely not a ship's shield generator.

    So phasers are ultimately an unstoppable weapon when physics are applied. Trek wars would involve a lot more cloaking, and those without cloaks would be doomed.

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    In fact, the only way to lower the power output of light speed phasers would be to say they have their own warp bubbles. Even then, the phasers would be super hot, able to cut through anything. And that would mean that your phaser sidearm would have a mini-warp core powering it, making it potential nightmare if it was broken.

    Warp cores go boom. Always. No one would, nor should be carrying firearms of that magnitude.

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