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Thread: Hypothetical Circumstances for Infection

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    Hello there! I'm rather new to the forums. This idea has intrigued me for quite some time and I've yet to find someone that can converse about it in person. However, I'm quite optimistic in finding someone on these forums that can grasp the comprehensive topic. I look forward to reading replies!

    If the species Homo Sapiens were to archive their DNA in a way that could be replicated, permitting full organism development without requiring a parent; relying on means of artificial nurturing in an entirely sterilized environment for a prolonged duration of their lifespan. (25 years perhaps?) What immune system complications would this organism face when directly exposed to the natural world? Would they be able to adapt quickly enough before the cessation of life? How fast would infection spread and what infection form would they be the most likely to sustain?

    I'm honestly looking for extreme immune system deficiency, I'd simply like to gather some knowledge pertaining to the subject. I wish to avoid techno-babble.

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    So they're not exposed to the teeming multitudes of pathogens that human children normally are exposed to - every day, including the very first day. And they've had neither vaccines nor exposure to ordinary contagious conditions that we all encounter.

    I'd say they'd be likely to cark it from asthma or an illness they contract on the very first day / hour / breath of exposure to ordinary conditions.

    Remember all those childhood sniffles and tummyaches are all about a child's immune system learning to cope with ordinary life. If you put a totally naive immune system up against a full set of the bacteria, viruses, fungi, dusts and other irritants and pathogens that most adults barely even notice, you're asking for disaster.

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    Thank you for the reply, I've begun compiling some research notes pertaining to immunodeficiency; closest instance to this hypothetical circumstance that we can observe in a real life setting. I'd be rather satisfied if I could find a list of specific symptoms for a particular infection type, even more so if I could narrow down the time frame in which the virus or bacteria would be contracted, and the approximate time at which the symptoms are revealed or affect the individual in less apparent ways. Once again, thank you for the reply. You've guided me onto an optimal research path.
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