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Thread: A Perfectly Reasonable Reason For Flashy Space Battle...

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    We already know the hollywood reason, but here's a made up reason: It's the only in universe way to bring down the shields.

    Super Shields: Shields are so good they deflect harmful light, radiation, and kinetic projectiles flawlessly. For example: You could park a station inside a star and it would be fine unless the shield generator died.

    What can bring it down: The same stuff the shields are made from.

    Shields: Are normally purple (the most powerful visual form or light). The only thing that can weaken them are shield derived blasters that are a DIFFERENT color (yeah, ships can fire through their shields with BLASTERS ONLY). The next most powerful energy of the shields is blue.
    So blue, pew pew blasters would be the ONLY way to bring those shields down efficiently (red would take too long). And they would go bullet speed, so long range. boring combat wouldn't exist.

    Missiles: Obsolete, even if you make it a blaster shooter drone, the ship itself could fire a more powerful blaster bolt.

    Also due to necessity of the way blasters are designed, they are keel mounted. Which means capital ship engagements turn into rotational dogfights, with ships turning around to present stronger screens as shields weaken on one side.

    So the only bad thing about this is that missiles are worthless, but at least the battles are a blue blaster feast for the eyes. With purple shields.

    Battles would have to be close range, since the shields would deflect sensor data anyway, and require battles to fought at visual range.

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    What If there was a spy onboard the ship who could destroy the shield generators and leave the ship totally defenseless?

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