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Thread: Orbit Drives VS Reaction Based Drives

  1. #1 Orbit Drives VS Reaction Based Drives 
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    Everybody knows what reaction drives do in space. They drift, epically because of what Newton said.

    How about this?

    Orbit Drives: Yeah they got drift too, but in a different way. It uses gravity itself to orbit around anything with mass. You could choose to orbit it around an atom of hydrogen if you wanted to (yeah, it's sensors are that good that it can detect a single atom miles away or farther).

    So it will never travel in a straight line, but will always follow a curved, circular path. It can change pitch (up/down movement).

    And it can accelerate at ANY G without any adverse effects, since it can generate gravity on it's own, and as we know, gravity and acceleration (G force) are the same thing.

    Somehow I still doubt being able to accelerate at any G will allow you to go light speed or FTl. But maybe it could, who knows?

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