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Thread: Alien Races Who Aren't Subbing For Human Stereotypes...

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    I think that fictional alien races are sometimes just substituting for human stereotypes. And I get that making something alien is a challenge in itself. But I will give it a try.

    Alien Race 1: Blue skinned and look almost human. They can get sad, happy, or embarrassed, but they never get jealous or angry. They also can experience fear. Which implies quite a bit, and effects their culture a lot.

    They live peacefully with one another (have never fought each other in war), and have a communist type of society. They also have replicators that can make ANYTHING, even living things. This effects how they dress, so one person might dress like a pirate, and another a business man, and they won't judge. Fear is the only thing that will make them get violent. Some races think they are cowardly for the safety precautions they take, but it all really is just a way of protecting their own. For example, they like dodgeball but play it wearing football helmets, elbow pads, and knee pads.

    They sell and trade their technology, but put failsafes in every bit of it. And although they will crack jokes, they will stop if they notice it saddens another. Instead of five stages of grief they only have four. Denial, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.

    Race 2: Lizard humanoids. A lot like humans in personality, except they have a pre-disposition for redundancy. Meaning they like doing things twice at least, or several times more. Even with speech they may restate things often. Their technology is also quite redundant. If they had Star Trek style warp drives they would have at least TWO warp cores, maybe more.

    Race 3: Insectoid race. Live short 20 year lifetimes, and mature to adulthood within 4 months. They think faster than other races, and generally can get impatient with other races. The have only one emotion, and it's the only one they need to survive: Fear.

    Last: All these races are united, even though they live light years apart.

    Comments? Or would you rather give it a try yourself?

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