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Thread: Fantasy creation help?

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    For an "art" project I have to create some image of at least 5 pictures/images and combine them into something that would make the audience "look twice." Well, as usual, my mind is all over the place on what to do. I'm collecting images I like, but find myself stuck on finding some. If anyone would like to help, thank you. If not, well then sho....just kidding

    I was trying to find a space craft or space stations, but all I find is star wars. nothing wrong with that, but everyone seems to use it. is there anything different out there that can still look good (minus star trek)?

    Also, what may qualify for a "landing force"?

    graphic images unusable.

    example of what I am trying to do (just not in video):

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    Hey chero, I'm wondering here if you could perhaps get some quality spaceship/space station pics for your project by borrowing some screens shots from sci-fi movies, these will probably of a reasonable quality for your project.

    You could try googling on an image search for say spaceships then add a movie title name such as: Serenity, Fifth Element, Battlestar Galactica, Wing Commander, Stargate Atlantis, Babylon 5 etc.....

    Here's a website with a few more ideas.

    100 Best Movie Spaceships -

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    sweet! thanks Ascended! this will definitely help.
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