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Thread: Perpetuum Momentum : Sci-Fi Story - Futurosofhic tale i am writing

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    If you google on " Baboesjkabrains " and click the blog at the top,

    and go to the third item in the blog dated 14 november 2011,

    called "Anatomy of the Universe - A short story of the future",

    you can read this free and unfinished sci-fi story i am writing on the adventure of a special kind of man on a mission.

    (No commercial intent of any kind.)

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    I gave your story a look and I admire the efforts you have done so far, but there are a few remarks that I would like to share with you:
    1. It is advisable to choose another format for your story. It would clarify the structure of the text and you would not have to mention the name of the speaker every time a dialogue is introduced. Stating the protagonist and then presenting its lines feels like one is reading a play.
    2. It is recommendable to leave the notes out of your text. It worsens readability and people who do not understand Dutch might become confused. One solution is to publish your non-finished story without any notes, whilst you save a draft on your PC where you insert your notes.

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    Thank you for the comments, that makes sense.

    The most difficult part is to build some kind of drama, i'm not very good at that, i concentrated on the contents, and now the whole needs to become more coherent as a complete story, your remarks fit in that section i think.


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