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    This is captain on board calling all decks.
    This topic i am writing is not supposed to harm anyone nor i am trying to boast myself. So here it goes...time is year 1997 as i correctly remember. There is no internet and neither there are any glittering city malls in mumbai. As i haven't spoke with anyone on the internet neither have any likings for any particular artiste or for any game. So the time looks still to me, not moving forward neither moving backwards. Comparing with the present day when i have written so many topics, discussed so many things on the internet communicating world wide. So i feel if nothing of this would had happened and i found myself again to square one. So what drastic changes would had occured if the world time had ceased to exist as is in the present day. And i was standing in the morning going to college perhaps in 1997 at grant road railway station waiting for the local train. There were no posters of mobile phones, pc and neither any advertisements. There was death calm at the station as if the local trains were running all by themselves. So i remember that i was young at that time. You might had seen in movies how people across communities have sex with one another. So i recalled my visions that how women claim of having sex with their men. It is even racially that women are attracted to men by their races. So i came to know that a certain foreigner girl of just 17 age came to mumbai just for meeting the person of her dreams thats me. I met her and recognized her. I asked where she was staying? And i thought she was staying at some posh building locality, but infact was staying in a slum dhingy condition warehouse with indian bhaiyas who were having unprotected sexual intercourses with her(with imploring diseases in mumbai). But as i knew she came from a respectable family, against her parents wishes she came to mumbai as a student and her dad was a wealthy businessman or maybe of a king's lineage!
    So in this age of constructed realities, dildos and whatnot she said of paying to the bhaiya community who allowed her to live in mumbai. I asked her why didn't you find yourself accomodation in a middle-class family, or some boarding or some guest house in mumbai. But she refused to answer. Instead she was delighted to see me and told me to come to her home in foreign country. So i visited her place it was nowhere till acres no sign of other people and i thought she were living in a castle but was a big farmhouse like. And the sky looked really scary. There were no parents and only some servants were present. I first thought that she were lying that her dad was a wealthy person and was infact just a chaffeur. Then i slept with her one night and her moan was like a grunt of a horse(as i always suspected her gender). Many things appeared from nowhere in her house, even her lavish cars. After a month, her dad appeared from nowhere and made me to return home. But then she died of unknown causes and said to me that she would meet me surely in the next phase of life perhaps even as a man. So she was in my visions my only love, away from all the wordly constructed realities.
    Then what if this vision is true? That such person really had stayed in mumbai waiting for me. And she must have now aged and gone back to her home. And i am still lurking over the internet. What if foreign countries too there is constructed realities? Like cars appearing from nowhere and even people like a computer assisted program executable? And pathetic humans like me sort for answers in rational reasoning and happenings!
    What if the world still is same just as my mind's visions, with people doing last minute changes to make it look better than worse.

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