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    I am really excited that my local theater is playing part two of Rand's Atlas Shrugged. Has anyone seen it yet and if so... Without spoilers... Is it worth seeing in the theater or should I wait for it to come out on video? I really liked the first half and I have not read the book yet.

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    In my opinion the book Atlas Shrugged belongs on the shelf between Mein Kampf and the Necronomicon. Perhaps it reads a little better than either of it's mates, but it is as fully evil and erroneously fictional as both the other works. It would please me to hear that Ayn Rand's body had been dug up and desecrated in an unholy manner.

    So in the book the John Galt monologue goes for over sixty pages, how long does it last in the movie?

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    That book! One of the worst insults to literature ever perpetrated by an apparently sentient being.

    It's an absolute shocker. The only people I know who've read it all the way through are people that had to because their academic work more-or-less obliges them to know all the so-called arguments.
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    I can tell some people really object to the book. I watched the first half and wasn't overly impressed with the acting. I don't see the story as any more or less redeemable than any of quite a number of other books. But you know, I only saw the first half, and I've never read the book. (Watching the movie vs. reading the book is kind of an "either - "or" proposition for me.)

    The first half just seemed to be about the way people spend money to spread erroneous ideas in the press. That's incredibly applicable to our time and circumstances. PR decides a lot about how the government regulates, and people are pretty easily fooled into arriving a near unanimous conclusion that is wrong when compared with actual evidence. The industrialist/inventor character getting fed up and leaving kind of expresses how I'm sure a lot of climate change scientists feel these days. Might as well give up, and go join John Galt in a place where evidence trumps rhetoric.

    There must be some really heavy handed stuff in the second half. Otherwise I don't know what has people so up in arms.
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