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    A Scifi section... and because I asked for it!... politely. I'm noticing a trend in my manors and getting things. Anyways.

    I thought, since the old thread on sciforums is gone, that we could discuss the season finale of Battlestar (BSG).

    It would seem to me that they've decided to take the new BSG into more religious terroritory, why is this? Is it just me or are the doctor and his imaginary girlfriend talking about God to much? Plus all that new age mumbo jumbo about the President taking alternative medicine and listening to some type of shaman instead of her military advisor.

    Now, I'm about to get into spoilers here. So avoid the rest of this post if you haven't seen the last episode of BSG.

    Which is why I agree with Adama. The President made a bad choice. A very bad choice. Send Starbuck to destroy the Cylon basestar, or send Starbuck on a religious mission to get Athena's arrow that will lead them to Earth? What does a leader do? Well, if the President is anything like our current President, then why not a religious mission to get Athena's arrow? Instead of taking out the Cylon Basestar (that's going to kill everyone), let's send our only hope of survival back to the home planet to get killed by a maniac in a red dress.

    Now the list.
    - The President is responsible for the death of Adama (If he does die). If she hadn't of sent Starbuck away, then Boomer wouldn't have gone on that mission and found out that she's a Cylon.
    - It's nice to know that Baltar is going to have a baby and is still delusional. Is it just me or is this show trying to tell us something? Baltar was elected after the destruction of Caprica, and only because a terrorist ran against him....?
    - Is Apollo more whiny this time around, or is it just me?
    - Boomer is hot.

    That's all I got for right now, unless someone wants to provide a theory on why Boomer shot Adama and no one else (And didn't blow up - I thought that she'd have a nuke in her chest or something).

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