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    As I've mentioned in another thread, this game is quite awesome both in terms of story and how it is delivered:

    The above video is an example of how player choices influence the outcome of certain events that continue to affect events that will take place in the future, rippling outward. The event was run as a part of the tenth anniversary of the game's opening to the public, and Vendetta Online has long placed player involvement at the top of their list in how the game develops. There was no guarantee the ship's engines would give out, or that the pirates would be able to stop her before she reached her destination above the planet Ka-Tek. However, once they did, it was a race to unload the most souls possible to the nearest station before her reactor went critical. Roughly 80% survived, some were taken as hostages by pirates, others were ushered in as refugees to The Propellor Group or Orion Manufacturing.

    As the game continues to evolve, player choices become more important the longer they stay with the game. A single player can turn the tide of a battle in the Deneb star system, which may result in one nation blockading the other's access to Greyspace, hampering the production efforts of new weaponry. The story continues, building on 2,000 years of history detailing how the Serco, the Itani, and the Union of Independent Territories came to be in their present state.

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    From Quarter to Three:

    Hey there,

    My name is Jacob Luttio (a.k.a. "Phaserlight"), and I've been a fan of the game Vendetta Online for a long time. Today marks 9 years since I signed up and I thought I would get a discussion going for those who are interested.

    One of the things this game does differently is let users contribute to the direction and design of the game. There are a group of players called the PCC who have access to a mission editor which allow one to do some pretty detailed things. I've always been a fan of user-designed content; in any game where this is possible I relentlessly gravitate toward the level editor. What makes VO unique is that this happens in an MMORPG context. To get in to the PCC one must have 25 hours spent in game and write an essay written on English, Maturity, Trust, and Involvement. Another point of difference is the twitch combat. This is fairly uncommon in the MMO world; a game where one has full, realtime control over all of a ship's thrusters, blasters, and navigation systems may be emulated in multiplayer games, but VO's code is designed to allow thousands of players to interact in a single, contiguous universe. The devs are a very down to earth group of people from Milwaukee; I got to meet the lead developer John Bergman at a conference in Orlando last year, and I was impressed by his humility as well as his sharp answers to all my questions.

    What has really kept my interest all these years is the level of detail that has been put into this game by a core few people. Despite appearing simple on the surface, the world has a level of history and immersion that would make Tolkien smile. As an example, there is a language developed entirely for the game, with its own alphabet, grammar, pictograms etc. You will see it on flashing neon billboards outside the stations, advertising commodities or slinging slogans. There is a huge backstory presented in the form of history with each entry taking place on such and such a year, beginning in the near future and leading all the way into the 45th century. It reminds me of something Isaac Asimov would do, although the devs have cited both the Star Wars universe and Neal Stephenson as influences in other places.

    The combat itself is fluid, dream-like, and intuitive. Point, shoot, move, dodge: this is fundamental, however there is also a zen-like mastery of combat that comes over time. Certain players are known for their fighting styles, and are often sought after as masters by players wanting to learn excellence in a certain weapon or tactic. There is a touch of Street Fighter to the whole experience, against the backdrop of a space age MMO. Competition is fierce, and rivalries are common. In the larger context of the game world combat is a means toward territory control, blockades which affect manufacturing and the economy, weapon production, conquerable stations, and taking on the Hive. The Hive is a race of self-evolving NPC robots with its own hierarchy of breeds, each serving its individual function, that expands to take over areas of space that are rich in minerals. Players can band together by taking missions to push back the Hive in dynamic skirmishes, clearing up sectors of space to be mined for ore, or a savvy group might decapitate an entire branch of the Hive by killing a Queen or the Leviathan. In these quests, weapons might be found among the wreckage of the battle which can be retrofitted to one's fighter, or valuable components which can be used to manufacture player-owned capship parts might be collected.

    Despite being released over 10 years ago, Vendetta appears to still be in its early stages with many primary features planned for the future. I could go on and on about this game, but I think I will open it up for comments by anyone else who has had the chance to experience it.

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    Just wanted to encourage anyone who reads this to vote for Guild Software (Vendetta Online) in the "Gift a Rift" contest!:

    Oculus Rift: Step Into the Game by Oculus Updates — Kickstarter

    Needless to say, these two products would go together very, very well. I also firmly believe Guild Software deserves this; they are a hard working team of 4 and have been invested in their game since 1998.
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    Hello, Science Forum

    Just letting you know that a very large mission project has made it into production, including 39 new missions. This has been in development since before I joined the Science Forum, and it feels like the close of a very big chapter in my Vendetta Online career. You can find out more about the project here:

    Vendetta Online - Forums

    Looking forward to seeing you in game and watching you get to experience the work myself and others have done!
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    Please don't turn this thread into a blog. If no one is responding to your posts, it probably means they don't have an interest in the topic.
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    Sorry - sounds Good, but I am too busy doing something vaguely comparable.
    I am the Game Master of a "Play By Post" Game on another Site - a Forum Site.

    This started in February 2011 - Stardate January 2130, and it is now December 2012 - Stardate June 2138.
    I did not start it, but it is now my "baby", I have been running this Game since March 2011.

    This one has NO Software at all - I do ALL of the jobs which Software would do - but I do not have time to do Graphics, let alone Real Time Graphics.
    Sure - I am Retired, and have between 8 and 12 hours a day to work at it, nearly every day.

    The other major difference is the Roles of Players - nowhere near the level of detail you are talking about - but much BIGGER Roles.
    Players are Presidents of Dominions ( Star Systems and dependent Colony Star Systems ) within The Phoemix Confederation. We are a free Democracy - and we are still finding other Intelligent Species in new Star Systems.
    There is also a President / Prime Minister of The Phoenix Confederation.

    Some Players are Governers of Colony Star Systems.

    Some Players are Fleet Commanders, and one is a High Admiral of The Phoenix Space Command.
    The Dominions also have Fleets.

    New Players who join have the choice - and if requested, I can always find an Interesting Star System with new Intelligent People, for them to be the President of.
    Or they can fill any of the Vacant Positions, along the lines of the above.

    The Game grows and develops, by ideas and suggestions contributed by the Players - or ideas and suggestions which I put to the Players.
    I mostly Post the New Developments, after agreement with the Players.

    YES - There is a WAR element. Our growth and expansion is somewhat restricted by the vast Slave Empire of the "nasty aliens", the Zetans - ammonina breathing, "hive" creatures ( although bipeds ) who are ruled Telepathically by a distant Emperor.
    We survive, because their vast Empire is too big - Logistics limit how many Ships they can send, and their Emperor is too remote from real control of the Strategy of his forces.
    We survive because we are more advanced - the "drone" Zetans are very slow at developing Technologies, and their Slave Peoples do not work well in making new discoveries, under the yoke of Slavery.

    So - we grow and develop - Colonise new Star Systems, build Defensive Bases, build Defensive and Offensive Battle Fleets.

    Everything about this Game is BIG - as big as your Imagination.
    Our smallest Space Warships are the DD Destroyers - 500 metres long, our largest are 150 Km long. Mobile Battle Stations are 600 Km in diameter or even 1,200 Km in diameter.
    Earth in Sol has Terraformed Mars and is fully Colonising it - and Venus is well on the way, about 95% Terraformed.

    We have VERY FAST FTL Drives - plus Wormholes, Hydrogen Fusion Powerplants, means to Fuse Helium to Oxygen or Nitrogen, and other more "exotic" Technologies, including true Nano-Bot Industries. We have even "conquered death" - via the Lazarus Projects.

    The Game just grows and grows - there are only two Goals, to Survive and to Grow and Develop.

    Too much to bore you all with details.

    If interested - Contact Me.
    If I wasn't so stupid - I might know what I was doing
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    Hey Karakis,

    Thanks for sharing about your play-by-post RPG; sounds cool. I actually ran a forum RPG for a while called "Earthfall". You can still find it up online although it is no longer running (I went by StarflightDream on those forums):
    The Sluggite Zone • View topic - Earthfall II ~ Ch. 1: A Banquet of Demons

    Point being; I appreciate the amount of work it takes to do the "world building" behind the game, as well as to run the game itself. Storytelling takes many forms, and a forum RPG is a beautiful way to do it.

    Vendetta Online has the visual element as it is a video game. However, there is also an imaginative element to it as well. As you mention, these "characters", despite not actually "existing", are as real to me as any character in a novel would be. I am looking forward to seeing what direction the game takes as a result. The nice thing about it is that I have access to a lot of powerful tools for spawning cap ships, bots, etc. as well as a wealthy trove of backlore already in place. I also got the chance to meet the lead dev, John Bergman, for a few brief minutes. I'll never forget what he said when I asked him who his inspirations were; after thinking for a minute, he smiled and said "Tolkien".

    Good luck with your project.
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