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Thread: Chrildren of the Gods.

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    We, who were closest to the Exiles by Blood, have become weakened by time. And so, deserted by our Kind, we must wither on this appendage of Creation. Lament, while sensitivity and understanding live on within your Being. Lament, while the Blood of the Great Ones still flows. For you will know great sorrow, and your Soul will seek, but not find, happiness. This is but your Legacy. Lament, because we are but hollow husks, product of a dalliance by the Great Ones, miserable offspring of Exiles. Lament, because we, in our inadequacy, failed to create the conditions for greatness here on Earth. All that will remainof our passing will be incomprehensible myths and fables. A nd, finally, with the full passage of Time, these will be no more.The great and glorious battle is over. Let it be Known throughout the Earth that the phillistines have become dominant. Be Joyous, because we did not live in ignorance, but sensed the Promised Land. westwind. 1974.

    Love: There is but one Love, an interaction between Spirits, an awakening of Spirit to Spirit, the Instinct satisfied. The Loving Spirit is fulfilled by the Loving Spirit, and the fullfillment is mirrowed in the appearance, and is called happiness. And the Spirit that cannot reap Love, withers, and becomes less. And who will say if the Spirit was murdered? Through neglect. There is but one Love, the giving of Ones Spirit to another, and the safe-keeping there by the uncurrupted. westwind 1974.

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