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Thread: memory and words

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    how are words stored in the memory(human brains)?

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    From what I know, that's kind of a loaded question. Nobody really knows 'how' things are stored in the memory. Memory is kind of a complex thing - so complex there are a number of theories on how it works. I like the Dual-Coding Theory, along with the Connectionist Model. Google those and see what information you can get. I've tried writing an explanation and it's just too hard to do without diagrams. There's another two I that you may find interest.. I can't remember what they're called though. I'll put them up later after I review my old psych-text.

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    This is a very interesting topic. But why words? How is anything stored in the brain? Even sound is amazing... We can memorize an entire song, it's lyrics, and know instantly what a song is by hearing the first tunes.

    Sorry that this doesn't really provide an answer to your question. I don't think we really understand that ... yet.
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    2.A. Theory - Conversion Triggers -?

    - Wants/Needs

    - How many of these processes can a mind handle?

    - Levels of "power"? -yes chemical based

    - inerchanging catalysts?

    - conflicting?

    - chemical to make memory
    - chemical to store memory
    - dual purpose? -yes

    Trigger to chemical... Is there a chemical that could define conciousness?
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    What really astounds me is when I happen upon a very rare odour, not the scent of a rose, but something associated with my past being. In this life? I can never place the memory, only that the experience is pleasant and trying to make a connection with my present consciousness. And then it is gone. Methinks forever. Where did it go, and why couldn't I make the connection? westwind.
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