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Thread: Moon on a collision course to earth...!

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    Now this is just a hypothetical situation but i really want to know that, what will be the kinds of events that will occur on earth, if the moon is somehow set on a course that ends into colliding with the earth!!! What will be the changes on earth?? What will we see in the sky?? How would the moon look like?? How would gravity behave??

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    Moon is receding from Earth, as all objects in orbits higher than geosynchronus must. Silly questions answered in order: changes would be catastrophic and probably not survivable, reducing large part of crust to molten state on impact from energy liberated. We will not be around to see sky. Moon will not be visible if anyone around to see since collided with Earth. Gravity will behave as usual attracting bodies according to inverse square law.

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    It would start off with mega-tides and major earthquakes. Soon after that we wouldn't be around to worry any further consequences.
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    First thing will happen is: the atmosphere will vent into space, which is accompanied by geological instability: such as earthquake and massive tsunami and massive sea tide, and then the collision occur: which liquified the impact point into instant lava and gasses and created shockwave that is soo massive that it can throw everything into space as far as Mars.

    (1) Earth's atmosphere is holded down by Earth's gravity; so, a sudden intrusion of moon's gravity will create a (local) acute vaccum effect on Earth.
    (2)A moon near Jupiter called "Io" had geological activity because of Jupiter's gravity; so, the gravitational forces of the moon on Earth could have similar effect.
    (3) The moon is very heavy and move very fast; so, its impact on Earth would release a mega-massive energy analogous to a hyper-fast bullet of the size of a planet impacting on Earth: releasing more power than all nuclear bomb combined.
    (4) Asteroid impact on Mars billions of year ago has flung a rock that reached Earth's Antartica.

    You can imagine a sight of a moon on the sky, a tremor, a rush of air, then tsunami, then everything vaporize into fire, and some just blasted into space and die...
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