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    Many infertile couples today have used the in vitro fertilization technique to give birth to healthy and normal children. This artificial fertilization method requires the help of a medical team who begins by taking a medical history of the couple. After that, if the manís sperm can fertilize, the womanís eggs are healthy and her uterus can carry a normal pregnancy, the procedure begins. The woman is given certain hormones, drugs which will help her body produce several healthy eggs. The healthy eggs will then be removed by a specially trained surgeon who inserts a needle into the womanís ovary, through the vagina. The woman can also be given sedatives, although it is not necessary. The eggs are then carefully examined to make sure that they are healthy.To know more visit our site.

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    OK, is there a point to this? (BTW I have twin granddaughters conceived in this way, with different birthdays, yet both on the Anniversery of the 1908 Tunguska event)

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