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Thread: The Book of Frank Herbert, by Frank Herbert

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    One of five collections of Frank Herbert's work, this one contains stories mainly from the fifties and the seventies. Some of his better short work can be found here.

    Seed Stock, by Frank Herbert, 1970, originally published in Analog Science Fiction -> Science Fact: Three years before the era of this story a colony ship of humans arrived at a still unnamed planet and disgorged its cargo and passengers. The planet was harsh and unforgiving; very little of the flora or fauna that the colonists brought with them survived the three years to the time of the story. The only species that seemed to be doing well were the falcons, and they got their food from islands out at sea. Because so many crops failed and animals died, the colonists made their living on a kind of shrimp called trodi that were discovered, first harvested and preserved by a colonial laborer named Kroudar. Kroudar is hideous. He started off ugly, and of all the colonists there the planet has been the harshest to...Please click here, or on the book cover above, to be taken to the complete review..

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