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Thread: Does anyone have any standard(SX/T) starship parts to trade?

  1. #1 Does anyone have any standard(SX/T) starship parts to trade? 
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    This is what I have:
    General Starliners Luxury Block IV, 2U, TTX Limited Trader Standard Sockets
    Heated pool with overhanging tuttifrutti trees, and grass lawn with recliners. Full wet bar with semihumaniod Apple iFriend 3 servant robot. Illuminated by Yamaha FE2 artificial sun. Minor laser burn on right display wall. Built 2063, but in great condition.

    DealExtreme "White Box" Life Support Block. 1U. TTX Limited Trader Standard Sockets
    Provides 12 standard units of air and plumbing. Hull recently repainted. Includes washing machine and garbage disposal (clogged). The 3 blue leads in the female TTXA power socket are burnt out, but it still works well. Will throw in a nearly new Electrolux Cleaning Drone, model #2LE. Bad discriminator circuit, so don't use on ships with pets or small children.

    Hardpoint Block, WLA Type. Bundeswehr Surplus, original manufacturer Lockheed-Martin
    1U MTX standard, but reblocked to 2U TTX using Wuhan Heavy Industries standard converters(Easily reversed). Interior access to weapon hardpoints for in-flight servicing. No weapons mounted (obviously), but I can give you the name of a guy I know who sells pretty good Bx2 "comm" lasers in the Kuiper Belt. Artificial gravity field intermittently offline, easily fixed by someone who knows mil-spec AG units.

    ABB OEM Reactor Block, 2U, 20 TW standard ZPM, 4 years old. TTX Limited Trader Standard Sockets
    Works well up to 12 gigaamperes. After that, the yellow(not red) danger light comes on. I've never tried it over 14 GA, but it's no skin off my back if you go nova. No manual.

    Custom Cargo bay. 3U. TTX Passthroughs
    High quality steel, but some rust. Smells of fish (long story). Slow air leak somewhere, max 1 liter/week. Great for free traders. Logitech uForklift 2 included.

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