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    Started writing a Sci-Fi.

    I Deals with the Terraforming of Mars, the emergent Superpower in the First System. In the background Ancient Earth is out of bounds

    In the story I was going to write about how it was turned into a near-copy of earth by increasing its mass by droping asteroids on it. The asteroids were chosen carefully for the mix of elements needed in correct ratios to ensure oceanic masses would form etc, etc.

    Running into problems.

    1. Would that even work or is Mars too far away from the Sun and too cold?
    2. How long would it take a useful amount of O-zone to form?
    3. I was giving I was going to give the whole thing about 1500-2000 years from the first rock falling to the first tree planted. Is this enough time or would the massive dust and vapour clouds not have subsided in that time do you think?

    I know its only going to be a, probably, crap Sci-Fi but i would at least like to make an effort.

    Please, oh wise Denizens of the Forum, enlighten me.

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    NASA is exploring plans to terraform Mars over about a thousand years. This does not involve crashing asteroids into it, since that would leave Mars a molten blob for millions of years. Also, there is not enough mass in the asteroid belt to raise Mars mass to that of the Earth.
    If you want to be original, terraform Venus. It has almost the same mass as the Earth. Hybrid microbes might change the atmosphere and mass drivers could divert Mercury to be its moon, imparting spin. Comets could be deconstructed and space elevators could add the water to the surface.
    Or you could have a three-way .

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    As Arch mentioned the two biggest problems is that there is not enough mass in the asteroid belt to make even a decent sized small planet and certainly not enough to rasie Mars to Earth mass. Secondly, if you could find the bodies their impact would create a vast, deep magma ocean on the planet that would take millions of years to cool.

    If you want to do this right you absolutely need to read the Mars Trilogy by Kim Stanley Robinson (Red Mar, Green Mars, Blue Mars), which is the fiction book on terraforming Mars.

    How are you going to form an ozone layer without oxygen? How are you going to generate oxygen without life?
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    if mars is too far away from the sun, you have multiple options: move mars closer or make a HUGE mirror focusing more sunlight at mars

    you can also terraform it with life that can live in extreme cold and less light(genetic engineering, and/or alien lifeforms), or build massive artifical light sources all around the planet and geo-thermal heat

    I have a few other ideas, but I'll have to keep them to myself since they are that good, and I might decide to write a book one day too
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