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    im reading this book

    he claims he and some kids can bend spoons Emissary of Love: The Psychic Children Speak to the World: James F. Twyman: Books

    James Twyman travels around the world singing his songs of peace and harmony to people of all races, cultures, and beliefs. Inspired by the life of St. Francis of Assisi, he has been to every war-torn country in the world, often at great personal risk. But this is the story of a different kind of journey.

    One night, while giving a talk in a private home in San Francisco, Twyman met a ten-year-old boy. When the boy touched Twyman's finger, suddenly Twyman could bend spoons with the power of his mind, could read thoughts, and could transmit images to others. Yet, later, no one who had been in the room could remember seeing the child!

    The boy had said his name was Marco, and that other special children like him could be found in a monastery in the mountains of Bulgaria. Without knowing who or where they were, or how he would find them, James Twyman began an extraordinary journey to find Marco and the psychic children. In the process, he learned that the children had a message for all the world-and learned, too, that he was the one to deliver that message.

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    Ok, I know the term Indigo Children from wiccan and pagan believes. It is believed that there are children who are different then others and present the comming of a new age. It is believed that they will change the world by changing human thinking. They are called Indigo children for that would be the main colour of their aura.

    Indigo Children are often refered to as children with social or emotional disorders like ADHD ans HSP, because of there being different and different ways of thinking.

    The story sounds somewhat Paulo Coulho-ish

    EDIT: Sorry I missed your wikipedia link which already gives the information I just gave.

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    Indigo Child - A term used by parents who are either hippies (the lowest form of human life after the lawyer) who have had half of their synapses coated with marijuana resin.

    Used to describe their children who are badly behaved, will not act politely, lack any ability to interact with anyone else, suffer from autism, ADHD or are just irritating little hellspawn that are a determent to whatever company they find themselves in. Acutely describing children in an honest and accurate way is alien to their nature because they themselves have suffered permanent brain damage from listening/reading too much New Age stupidity.

    The term was invented by 60s hippies who, with the 60s being over, had to find some way to justify their idiocy and utter pathetic nature. So they invented Auras that partly defined people and only they and likeminded simpletons could see.
    The world rejected this, as it was a great big steaming heap of Bos primigenius excrement. So they decided to say that the defective children of gullible fools were special and could prove it by this magical Aura that only they could see.
    Then some people relised just how much money could be made from selling books and videos on this inherently cattle manure subject. After that it had a sort of snowball effect as it reached whole new audeances, because the world has an ample supply of morons.
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