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Thread: Hypothetical human cloning question.

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    Hi there,

    i'm writing a screenplay which involves a scene where my protagonist discovers the scientific hub of man who's dabbling in human reproductive cloning.

    I've not really researched this as much as I should have by now, so i'm struggling in trying to imagine what this room would look like.

    I know there would be a unit consisting of some kind of incubator, a microscope, a uv light, petri dishes, utensils of some nature, and a sterile hood.

    can anyone help me build an image of what this room could look like? It doesn't need to be 100% scientifically accurate - the scene is very brief and the emphasis is not on the cloning itself.

    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

    cheers, jack

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    Cut down on the budget. (The producers will love you for it.)
    You just need an office with three computer screens displaying the following:

    A nicely revolving 3-D representation of a double helix.
    A listing of a DNA sequence.
    A research paper on cloning.

    I expect your acknowledgement when you receive your Oscar.

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