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Thread: Foundation's Edge, by Isaac Asimov

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    Apocryphal stories about the two concluding books of Foundation by Asimov abound on the net, and most people who are interested enough to have clicked on a link to come here probably know them all already. Suffice it to say that Foundation's Edge is the first of the last four Foundation books that Asimov wrote, though there are approximately a half-dozen other books by a variety of authors. It is set four hundred plus years after the time of Seldon, and a couple of hundred years after the time of the Mule. The Foundation has endured the legacy of the Mule, and has put itself back together after his death as the Saxe-Coburg house did after the time of William the Conqueror; though with the unseen hand of the Second Foundation guiding them from behind the heavy curtain of mental control...Please click here, or on the book cover above, to be taken to the complete review..

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