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    Hopefully some of you noticed a few months ago when I mentioned that I have been doing some major updates to my book review site. The first of the big changes has now been implemented (although there are a few small bugs to work out). Take a look at the link here:

    This is noted as "Tag Search" in the menu bar on top of the site. I have tagged all of the books so that users can search the lot of them for different things. For example, if you want a post-apocalyptic book about cyborgs, just check those two boxes under "Themes." If you want short stories about the environment, just check the appropriate boxes under "Themes" and "Format," and you will see what I have written about so far.

    Reviews will continue, and the site will continue to evolve too. If you have any suggestions, comments, gripes...whatever, just let me know. I want to make a fun site, so please let me hear what you think about how I can make it better.

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