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Thread: The Third Craft, by James T. Harris

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    The title kind of makes it should like it could be a book about magic, doesn't it? It isn't. Itís a UFO story, and itís pretty rough around the edges. And the center. And the end. This story is essentially one tried-and-died clichť and coincidence after another. It is the story of an alien war moved to Earth and waged by three or four of the sole remaining citizens of a long gone planet, oddly called "Old Earth," and the story of the humans who are struggling to learn what the conflict is all about. Two out of five stars, though I note that this is the first effort by a new author.

    The Third Craft could qualify as a YA novel, if it were more about coming-of-age, and more closely related to the different experiences of the young. I say that because there is a sophisticated simplicity about text, but I have a hard time calling it a YA novel for these reasons...Please click here or on the book cover above to be taken to the rest of the review.

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