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    One thing that I dislike about myself, but I know that I will probably never change, is that I am a literary snob. Generally I know what I like and if a particular work does not fit within those boundaries, I wonít even give it a chance. Mind you now, that does not come purely from a sense of superiority. I had my time with mainstream novels, and Iíve read many of the classics. So I tell myself that Iíve "been there, done that" before. But that still means that these days, I view the literary world and its output with some pretty narrow lenses. One of the subgenres that suffer the most from my judgmental gaze is the graphic arts, particularly graphic novels. I certainly had my time with comic books. At one point in time I had boxes and boxes of the things in a collection that took me years to put together. Nowadays though, I could pretty much care less about superheroes, with exceptions for some of the movies such as Iron Man. But lately I have been branching out a bit and trying some of the nonsuperhero comics. You will find several new reviews here if you look. This week's review is of Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell's From Hell, a very literary and highly informed, and extremely bloody take on Jack the Ripper....Please click here, or on the book cover above, to be taken to the complete review..

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