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Thread: It's Been a Good Life, by Isaac Asimov

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    Isaac Asimov has been dead since April, 1992, but I still have a weird relationship with his ghost. I typically have a low opinion of his writing. I think that a lot of his story concepts were good enough, but as I sit here and think back on the Asimov stories that I have read in the past, I remember them being quite stilted, very dry and way too damn polite. I honestly do not see how he could have ever been elevated to the level of Heinlein and Clarke. But I tell you what: I'll be damned if I can put many of his books down once I have actually started them. My wife, who is not a SF fan at all, has told me that she can always tell when I am reading an Asimov book, because I will moan and groan as I leaf through the pages, but I won’t acknowledge her when she calls my name out because I am so engrossed. So why have I read Foundation so many times over the years? Probably because I love it. But I hate it too, so go figure...Please click here, or on the book cover above, to be taken to the complete review..

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