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Thread: Asimov and religion - an article and response.

  1. #1 Asimov and religion - an article and response. 
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    In reference to

    I read your paper "Religion in Asimov's writings". Why are nearly all your citation dates wrong?? Although the various anthologies you read the stories in may have appeared only in recent years, the stories from which they were compiled were by and large mostly written in the 1950s and beforehand. "The Foundation Trilogy" may well be a single volume published in 1974, but that is a mere one-volume collection of the three books which actually first appeared in 1950-1952 - themselves actually collections of shorter stories dating from 1941. If you make reference to "The Last Trump", you need to be aware (from a check of the copyright dates inside the start of the book) what year it actually first appeared, not least because even in anthologised form the story appeared long before the 1990 date which you cite, let alone the year of first magazine publication, which I believe to be 1957 or thereabouts.

    I can see why you've done it, but I happen to think that citing page numbers for where to find a quote in a short story in one particularly anthology is pointless and essentially incorrect in practice. I hope you don't mind my saying this.

    I have to say that the appearance of religion in Asimov's writings are a fascinating subject and I'm glad that you tackled it. I was just thrown by all the (as I see it) erroneous dates.

    Your quote from I. Asimov about what Isaac saying "You should have given me more evidence" to God, is Isaac quoting Bertrand Russell, in fact; it is not what Isaac himself would say. We know what Isaac would say on going to heaven from the description of the dream he had: "I'm an atheist - I don't belong here," or words to that effect.

    I used an email system in an internet café to write the above, which then said "problem sending email" - didn't say why, and I can't save anything to disk, so please forgive me for using this area as a kind of temporary pasteboard. But if anyone would like to comment, please feel free!

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    I realize that it's not fiction, but I'm surprised that he didn't quote Asimov's Guide to the Bible : The Old and New Testaments. I would have thought that this source would have proved invaluable in isolating some of Asimov's opinions or positions in his fiction.

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