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Thread: Poll: OOPARTS: real of fake?

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    I've been looking on the net and have found what are claimed to be OOPARTS, artifacts out of time and space ie the 'Bagdad battery' which is an accient electro platting machine.

    Are any of them real?

    Ooops forgot to put the poll in!

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    The Baghdad battery is indeed real, they were probably used to make cheaper statues more expensive by tricking other countries that they were solid gold.

    The question now being posed is did the inventors of the battery understand why the Baghdad battery worked, meaning did they understand basic principles of electricity or did they build it by accident? Personally I think the original inventor would have understood electricity as well as anyone working with electricity in the mid to late 1800's would have, but that knowledge somehow became lost and the invention may have been copied for a while before its purpose was fully forgotten.

    I too have seen the ooparts websites, some of the stuff can be discredited, some of it has a grain of truth. It depends on the evidence provided.

    "It's no wonder that truth is stranger than fiction. Fiction has to make sense." - Mark Twain
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