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Thread: M.E.G , (Motionless Electromagnetic Generator)

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    flux density in operation.

    Jean-Louis Naudin has seen a COP of 1.75 using standard grain oriented silicon steel.
    Bearden has claimed to of refined it further and gained a COP of 5.0

    tapping the vaccum through magnetic flux, Why it works.

    fascinating, converse.

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    So what's the summary of what it's suppose to do? Just looks like another transformer to me. I know they have been using magnets in power supplies for some time, when I was in school we had these massive magnets that came out of a power supply for a super computer or something like it. The bottom line was you would crush your hand if you got it between the magnets. We had to use several guys to slide them apart.

    So what's this suppose to do? DC in AC out?

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    magnets and power..

    would i be right in saying it is another free energy device?

    seen as the input is smaller than the out put...
    tapping the zero point energy or somthing to that context?
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