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Thread: RF-collapse time, Constant?

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    Given for instance, a neutrino that doesn't move and a neutrino that moves in 95% lightspeed, they both experience the same time before decay into photons (collapse). Now can that apply to any mass in comparison to any other ie. that to them, timewise it will take an equally long time period before they both are in, let's say, a given equall state, like a photon? The condition given is that time is the dimension from which the particle is subjected to passing whichever that may be.

    If it is so then it sounds clear to me that we are all granted an equal amount of existence time. If the existence time for one thing is eternal, then the existence time for all should be eternal. On the other hand, if the existence time for one is ending, then the existence time of all is equally ending. So how shall it be?

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