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Thread: Masstime variation cause HighD space pulse creating distance

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    If a particle is repelled by the pulse, the second attracting pulse will be less affecting, and hence the particles will all in all be repelled by the pulse.

    This is what makes the atom stable.
    This is also what causes gravity, though i cannot show how.

    That is, purely hypothetically and without further analysis that might be required to make such a statement. This is my belief anyway.

    The important component are the unceirtainty relations.

    Given already that space expands, there must be variations in this, given that a virtual photon created from something, is not caused by mass since that would make space really heavy, but instead is caused by no mass hence no particles with charge that must have mass either, the photon would not have a direction since no electric fields with mass collides and cease to exist with a directed momentum, hence the photon have no direction. It would then be logic that the energy manifest in form of space variations, a space pulse much like the variation in space expansion which also must require energy.

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