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Thread: Curing Viral Infection(and some cancers?) with electricity

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    Alright Ive put this in PseudoScience cause it sounds very wacky conspiracy (like 'the government doesnt want you to know about how new age mystic crystals really work' and 'tabasco enema cancer clinics in mexico' or something)

    Heres some info, its so elaborate I have to tip my hat

    Dr. Robert Beck discusses the blood electrofication device that he sifted from obscurity and almost lost due to the media blackout. THIS TECHNOLOGY IS INEXPENSIVE, REAL, AND EFFECTIVE CURE FOR ALL INFECTIOUS DISEASE. THIS IS WHAT THE FDA, AMA, and the Pharmaceutical Drug Lords DO NOT WANT YOU TO KNOW.

    Blood electrification. Patent 5139684, granted Aug 18 1992 (filed Nov 16 1990)
    Electrically conductive method and systems for treatment of blood and other body fluids and/or synthetic fluids with electric forces

    Inventors: Dr. Steven Kaali and Peter Schwolsky


    A new process and system for treatment of blood and/or other body fluids and/or synthetic fluids from a donor to a recipient or storage receptacle or in a recycling system using novel electrically conductive treatment vessels for treating blood and/or other body fluids and/or synthetic fluids with electric field forces of appropriate electric field strength to provide electric current flow through the blood or other body fluids at a magnitude that is biologically compatible but is sufficient to render the bacteria, virus, and/or fungus ineffective to infect normally healthy cells while maintaining the biological usefulness of the blood or other fluids. For this purpose the low voltage electric potentials applied to the treatment vessel should be of the order of from about 0.2 to 12 volts and should produce current flow densities in the blood or other fluids of from one microampere per square millimeter of electrode area exposed to the fluid being treated to about two milliamperes per square millimeter. Treatment time within this range of parameters may range for a period of time from about one minute to about 12 minutes.

    U.S. References Cited: 15 patents: #'s 5049252, 3994799, 4473449, 5133932, 2490730, 3692648, 3753886, 3878564, 3965008, 4616640, 4770167, 4932421, 5058065, 5133932, 592735, 672231 (more)

    Anyway if you find anything realted to this or want to share your opinion go ahead :wink:

    ( I found which includes a conspiracy leturer that made a book/video called a 'world without cancer' in which he says cancer is prevented by vitamin B17 :wink: , if we'd only listened to him in his last book we wouldnt need the book about how it can be cured with electricity )

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    I'm always dubious of things the things the [insert profit-making industry here] companies do not want you to know. I'll bet there are a thousand companies that would want nothing more than for you to know these things if they were true. So long as they had the patents and the rights to market them first of course.

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