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Thread: Critical Study On Chronology Of The Ancient World

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    It saddens me to see how the field of alternative history is revolving around Fomenko and his weird Russian nationalism with Tartaria, mathematics etc. Not to mention that his writing style isn't even enjoyable in either language.

    It wasn't always like that. Fomenko's early publications grew from former studies of Morozov and Postnikov that didn't really mention Russia or any advanced math and also were enjoyable reads overall. Unfortunately these are dead stuck in Russian without any hope for official translation in the future. And citations in Fomenko's books are bits and pieces.

    I took some effort to translate Chapter 1 (out of 18) from the 70s study by Postnikov which is a more dynamic repackaging of Morozov's original books published in 1907-1932. I wonder if I can spark somebody's interest on the matter.

    Chapter I. Antique Literature (PDF)


    1. Tacitus and Poggio Bracciolini

    2. Literary Hoaxes and Fakes

    3. Figures of the Rennaissance

    4. Observing Origin of the Basic Compositions of the Antiquity

    5. On the Possibility of the Ancient Literature in General and its Concrete Genres in Particular

    6. Distribution of Genres of the Antique Literature Over Time

    7. Beginning of the Roman chronicle

    8. The Roman Calendar

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    New Chapter!

    Chapter II. Astronomical Method in Chronology (Eclipses) (PDF)


    1. Basic Facts About Eclipses

    2. "History of the Peloponnesian War" by Thucydides

    3. Solar and Lunar Eclipses and Chronology

    4. Examples of Astronomical Dating (Titus Livy, Homer, Takeloth)

    5. Discussing Ginzel's Final List of Eclipses

    6. Herodotus and his "History"

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