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Thread: 5750000 Khufu weight & Gold, Egyptian formula average block to be 2.74 tons, Muon illusion Smoke & Mirrors

  1. #1 5750000 Khufu weight & Gold, Egyptian formula average block to be 2.74 tons, Muon illusion Smoke & Mirrors 
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    5750000 1 64 1 32 1 16 1 8 1 4 1 2 =‬ 2.74181365966796875 tons

    The above is an approximation for the weight of Khufu divided down to an average tonnage of a block by using Eye of Horus fractions, so with that in mind. The above calculation reveals 2.74 tons per average block. That would not change the weight but perhaps the number of blocks used, the current model of 2.3 million may have to change. A greater number of smaller blocks and that would translate to the cavity that was scanned recently to be real. More smaller blocks would make sense for a large cavity. So the Moun Illusionists is about smoke & mirrors.

    Giza Pyramids Foundation Theory | Voynichman

    Did the Egyptians leave us a message for the average weight of the blocks used? If I'm right can we accurately find the number of blocks now? The cavity is large and I'm willing to bet there is a large stash of gold in there maybe a 1/2 a ton.

    Eye of Horus Fractions and Foundation

    Khufu's Weight in Tons

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