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    Currentlywe are looking for experts to expand our team. We are especially looking for open minded and creative people in the following sectors:

    • Basic Architecture and Building Science.
    • Nature Care and Wildlife Protection.
    • Permaculture and Biological Farming.
    • Bio - Architecture.
    • Alternative Construction Technologies.
    • Bamboo Architects & Bamboo Builders.
    • Mud and Rammed Earth Experts.
    • Arts and Crafts Healing, Health and Nutrition.
    • Education and Therapy for Special Children.

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    1) Architecture isn't Earth Sciences.
    2) You entire post is a cut and paste.
    3) What exactly is it you want to discuss?
    4) I've read your website and it contains a lot of non-science: please don't attempt to introduce that here.
    5) On the face of it this is spam - please show that it's not.

    Moved to Pseudo pending elucidation.

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