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    first this, where he drives a hydrogen powered car, which splits water into oxygen and hydrogen, and then combusts the hydrogen:

    and this, which contains the design of stan meyers patent, after he got food poisoned and died:

    some more info,
    the science behind:

    some more.

    webpage with interesting videos, and some explanations:

    when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth
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    LMAO - more later....

    I see the car has an exhaust pipe, interesting, why not just recycle the pure water produced inthe reaction back into the tank, and use the hot air produced to heat the cab? - answer cos the whole thing is a fake.

    The 'inventor' says salt water can be used, yet the description in the second video asserts the water is a dielectric in a giant capacitor, charged until "catastrophic dielectric breakdown occurs causing all the water to become gas" - Salt water is not a dielectric, it actually allows the flow of eletricity. Why is there a contradiction? answer because the whoole thing is a fake.

    Whatever material you used as the 'plates' of the capacitor tank it would not, and could not 'hold a charge'. I had heard of this before and often wondered how the inventor described it, thanks for bringing it my attention.

    Now it is possible that there is some magic material in there which is a dielectric perhaps attached to one of the plates, but catastrophic breakdown of this dielectric would by it's own definition destroy it.

    To convert the whole of a tank of water 'in one shot' to gas would produce an enourmous pressure, I doubt you could make a vessel (on such a small vehicle to withstand it), but that part Ill leave to the chemists.

    In a later video he holds up the water fuel injector, it er has only a single feed pipe and no apparent electrical connections!

    What I can add is that let's suppose the amount of energy used to combine two atoms of hydrogen and one of oxygen is 'x' well then, the energy released when these are split can be no more than 'x'. Now take the water, split it to produce fuel, then re-combine it in your engine (which produces water as a byproduct) - where does the extra energy come from to drive the wheels ?

    The last video is interesting there are mistakes, first he indicates that the electric force is the key to the process then he quotes E=Mc^2 as being the source of power.... I just can't seem to agree with that......

    Also in that video he claims there were two near nuclear accidents in England "Which had they happened would have resulted in the evacuation of the entire country" (I think is a good paraphrase) - I disagree.....

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