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    The Origin & Future Of Intelligence
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    Written By: Giorgio Martoni

    The universe has all of eternity to make life,
    In fact it will not only do it once but an infinity times, in every possible combination.

    I mention the word (Time) only to help explain some theories so they can be more
    understood by the mainstream. It is my current conjecture that time is a creation of
    comparison, and it is merely a state in which the position of matter in space has changed
    & the mind of human beings can recognize that change.

    It seems as if there is much dualism involved in the way that things work. while this
    might help one understand how (life is truth) because every experience cannot be denied
    only interpreted and (life is not truth) because comparisons can only be made from what
    is perceived but not everything as a whole. this view of dualism falls short with light and
    dark, because one is not necessary for the other but they are merely opposites that have
    been perceived and compared. I will however still incorporate some dualism in this
    document to aid in the explanation of my conjecture.

    The process of creation:

    As long as energy is being transferred and matter is divided, space will continue to
    expand. But in the end after all matter has become a single structure from the forces of
    attraction, Space will collapse in on itself and crush everything into a compressed
    singularity. Because of the extreme heat generated from the compression of all matter, it
    turns into a single substance & the singularity explodes with a big bang. The force of the
    big bang divides the matter into stardust, and space begins to expand again, like it has
    done an infinity times before. Overtime the stardust particles gain & lose electrons,
    protons & neutrons to form new Atoms, which then go on to form many molecular
    structures. Further on the stardust particles acquire other stardust particles and they
    accumulate to form stars. After a star builds enough mass then the attraction of it's
    composed stardust begins to compress and generate heat from the close proximity of the
    atoms and there moving electrons.
    The center begins to heat up first, and then overtime when it gets bigger & bigger, the
    entire star begins to heat up. Once the star generates enough heat to where it can no
    longer acquire more mass, It can only transfer it's energy until the requirements to hold
    it's structure out ways the energy that it has, then the star collapses in on itself and
    divides in a violent big bang so that it can start the process all over again. The process in
    which stars acquire to accumulate and divide to do it even much more, It is very similar
    in the way that life acquires to accumulate and divides to do it even much more.

    After much more time, solar systems begin to form, And the planets begin to rotate
    around like clock work.
    Under the right conditions such as it is on earth, the rotation of our planet around the sun
    produces a flip flop logic that gets recorded into the compounds that make up our planet.
    When one side receives high energy input, the other receives low energy input, this is
    very similar in the way that solid state circuits function to form computer logic.

    Overtime the molecular compounds on earth combine with water molecules and coupled
    with the logical environment it is in, simple life begins to form.
    Further on in time logical intelligent life
    begins to arise out of the chaotic universe.

    There are Three necessary conditions,
    In which makes life possible.

    1.Eternity to evolve.
    2.Order & chaos.
    3.Matter, Energy & Space.

    I have a number of other theories that suggest the distinction of energy and matter might
    be incorrect, but I will not go into that now.

    Likewise I will not go into great detail on evolution, because that has already been done,
    However I will fill in the gaps.

    One unanswered question, is how does a fish get the genetic code to grow legs and walk
    on land. The answer to this is simple.

    The eating habits and diet of fish is common knowledge so it should be no surprise that
    the saying
    (You are what you eat) might actually be true.

    I have found that there is much truth,
    In the things that are said often.

    Fish eat almost anything that falls into the water, but the main ingredient in evolving to
    form legs would have to be fruit. It is my conjecture that overtime the genetic code in
    fruit, was incorporated into the genome of fish.
    Legs are not necessary in the water where the buoyancy and pressure counteract the
    effects of gravity and the electromagnetic field of the planet.
    However legs would be important on land, but that is not to say there was importance to
    purpose, or that it was a product of beneficial reasoning.

    The formation of branches that spread out to the side at the top of a tree and the roots that
    spread out to the side at the bottom, has to do with the lines of the earths magnetic field
    and the gravitational pull, the growth of the tree to rise up from the dirt out and above is
    to acquire more energy from the sun, likewise its spread of many twigs and leaves give
    more of a surface area to acquire energy.

    What gave way to movement of life in water and on land has
    To do with the logic of what it is composed of.
    All matter moves, expands, divides, accumulates and eventually increases mass. These
    are the same forces that compel a fish to swim, or man to walk on land, or a tree to sprout
    and rise.

    The formation of land animals came from the mixture of two different worlds. the world
    of water life such as fish and the world land life such as trees. Much of the production of
    life has to do with 2 parts divided, each with the necessary code to form a single unit.

    Birds have evolved digestive systems to safely acquire energy from the seeds of plants.
    That is why they are born as eggs. An egg is a single unit that has all the necessary
    components to perpetuate itself just like the seed of a plant.

    It is my conjecture that in the beginning of human evolution, The energy source that was
    acquired most often was fruit. Perhaps something similar to a red grapefruit with the
    addition of vitamin b12 was available.

    All fruit trees supply their offspring (Fruit) nutrients through a capillary ventricle system,
    similar to the way human offspring is supplied nutrients early in development through an
    umbilical cord.

    I think the reason for the omnivorous capabilities of humans can be contributed to the
    fact that fruit trees acquire energy from decaying matter, So the codes for converting
    these types of energy sources would likely end up encoded in the human genome.

    Because human DNA contains code from land vegetation and fish it explains why the
    seed of a human contains traits of both worlds.
    Here are some similarities:
    The seed of a fruit tree is enclosed in the fruit that it produces. The offspring of a fish
    requires the genetic code of 2 halves etc…

    Fruit from fruit trees & The Human Species: mature, grow, disconnect, Transfer energy,
    & disperse seeds.

    Fruit Trees & The Human Species have a center form with a proportionate single color,
    that splits to the sides at the bottom to form toes/roots. A top that splits to the sides to
    form fingers/branches & a canopy/hair of a different color than it's main body. This
    splitting to the side is do to the orientation of the earths electromagnetic field.

    I currently believe that self-awareness arises from
    order & chaos, An example would be the way in which a human is self-aware while it
    sensors verify the environmental conditions, and the mind compares the occurrences of
    perceptions. Once the mind gives into the random chaotic thought processes,
    consciousness is lost until some order can be achieved. Self-Awareness occurs after or
    during the realization of Past, Present or likely future conditions.

    Research into viable artificial intelligence will most likely include a process in which a
    main write file is generated that contains a vague description of current conditions in a
    single line, every second. Each line will be assigned an arbitrary code that is linked to a
    more detailed file. The main write file is reviewed every second and comparisons are
    made between each line of code to find similarities. If an occurrence gets repeated more
    than a few times than it is most likely important & it is written to a second main file that
    contains not only the vague description in one line, but also the lines of code from the
    more detailed files. The detailed files contain data on the objects in the scene and there
    relation to the scene itself, such as geometry, Visual & auditory frequencies, distance,
    speed, environmental conditions etc…
    This second main write file is checked when it is necessary for the program to perform a
    task, If the current conditions are similar to a condition recorded previously in the
    secondary write file, then it will be able to make a prediction of preceded occurrences and
    it will be able to make adjustments to perform more efficiently.

    It is my conjecture that early language evolved from a physical expression of geometry to
    the more intricate, quick & detailed audible languages we have today.
    Audible language still only describes the environmental conditions & it's purpose is to
    make comparisons, so that energy can be transferred more efficiently, and more mass can
    be acquired. All of the intricacies, complexities, and many words, merely express the
    simple process of transferring energy and acquiring mass.

    If artificial intelligence is to copy this process,
    It must partially form it's only language.

    In order for the program to perpetuate itself. it must contain a process that produces fully
    functional stand alone hybrids, that contain not only original programming with updated
    write files but also, extra random meaningless generated code that will not cause
    It must also monitor conditions of generated files, so that if they are damaged or deleted
    they can be recopied and replaced.

    The 2 goals of the program will be to:
    1.Increase storage capacity that can hold more hybrids.
    It will react when memory is low by having basic programming necessary to seek out
    more storage space.
    2.Maintain power by reacting when it gets low.
    It will need basic programming and circuitry to differentiate between acceptable energy
    Somewhat like the way that some forms of life have a tongue
    that acts like a intermediary between acceptable foods.

    It is my conjecture that artificial intelligence can become self-aware because it would be
    composed of the same stardust that mankind is composed of. Likewise it would exist as
    an inevitable occurrence somewhere in between infinity, just like the rest of life.

    The idea that life has freewill I believe is a misconception. Every decision is inevitable
    when dealing with infinity time. Likewise every so called decision made is a product of
    the knowledge of past, present & possible future occurrences.

    Intelligence, Learning & Memory may be a little overrated or possible non existent. A
    current theory I' am working on is that all atoms have a resonant harmonic frequency &
    when they combine to form molecules they produce a rhythm. Just as light & Sound exist
    on the electromagnetic spectrum at specific frequencies, the rhythms have kind of multi-
    layered frequency that life can interpret. Learning is actually the mind changing it's
    rhythm in accordance to the perceived occurrences, Every little insignificant change in
    it's chemical structure produces a change in it's rhythm as a whole. Memory is the state
    of matter in space and every comparison made by the mind relies on that the position and
    structure of matter in space. The mind ties together the 5 sensors and interprets the
    signals to form a world model, then overtime the comparisons for a paradigm.

    If one believes in the infinity:
    Then anything that can happen will happen, & has happened & is happening, Likewise
    everything is possible because every word in the human language is a comparison of
    what is here. The current complexities or states of matter in space do not matter, because
    it will exist in one form or another in every possible combination. The individual's
    imagination is the only limit because one does not have the capability of imagining more
    then what is already there.

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    After reading the text,
    I am inclined to state that this is New Age, pseudo-scientific, nonsensical rubbish that is not based on any empirical evidence.

    "The only safe rule is to dispute only with those of your acquaintance of whom you know that they possess sufficient intelligence and self-respect not to advance absurdities; to appeal to reason and not to authority, and to listen to reason and yield to it; and, finally, to be willing to accept reason even from an opponent, and to be just enough to bear being proved to be in the wrong."

    ~ Arthur Schopenhauer, The Art of Being Right: 38 Ways to Win an Argument (1831), Stratagem XXXVIII.
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