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Thread: Any help or advice re electrical interference from a person.

  1. #1 Any help or advice re electrical interference from a person. 
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    Hello there and thank you in advance for reading this topic, ive been hesitant of putting this up for fear of sounding crazy but then I figured maybe science has always been fond of a dash of crazy, I'll get straight in to it, my son is 18 months old and for the past few months we've noticed a few strange things, when he is around electrical devices (mainly Bluetooth and radio) he seems to cause an interference, at first I thought it coincidence but this is ongoing devices that work at times stop or weird out as soon as he gets close to them, for example my other son's ps4 controller has a mind of its own as soon as my 18 month old boy comes within a foot of it despite it having full charge and working fine at other times, if my 18 month old wakes up emotional his baby monitor loses connection and struggles, if I'm holding him my phone's signal also dissipates, my house has been electrically checked to see power outages and wattage are normal and so were a little stumped how it seems one toddler can seem to cause interference. Has any body else experienced anything similar or heard of such happenings? Any help would be appreciated.

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    Try correlating instances of interference with numbers of people present.

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