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    Ok, I have this theory that the number of 0D particles in the universe is really 1 + 2*inf, and that their distribution was right next to eachother. But, since the force between them also decayed with the number of dimensions, that were inf, it exploded, to eternally expand. Point is, happiness is the bounds between these dots, they existed from the beginning and they will never decay totally, instead they will fade away a bit. The world is like an eternally long sausage, and given that we are the sum of our happiness, and that happiness is bounds, the end is too far away for us to loose totally. Instead we will be happy eternally. But to the prize of allways loosing happiness.

    Meanwhile, the dots came to move ofcourse, and that is what we call timeflow.

    That we can be eternally happy is very fortunate and cannot be described in words. Thank the gods for telling me.

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