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Thread: Why is it so difficult to find evidence of pre-mortal existence?

  1. #1 Why is it so difficult to find evidence of pre-mortal existence? 
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    I guess this is what would constitute proofs of pre-mortal existence:

    1. During a past-life regression a person's voice recording demonstrate accurate information about fine and peculiar details of his past-life house, impossible to be known by him. (no media, no books could have been published that private and irrelevant information)

    Retrocognition: Glossary of Psi (Parapsychological) Terms (L-R)

    Xenoglossy: xenoglossy - The Skeptic's Dictionary -

    2. Eectronic Voice Phenomena: a secret action, known only by the deceased could be revealed through this device (for example, before his death he wrote the word M behind a Buddha portrait = m - beh - bud / m-bud. Then investigators confirms an M was written there)

    Considering hypnosis was practiced since eons by eminent researchers (also past-life regression hypnosis) and the inexistence of at least one record of these type, I conclude that:

    -there is no record in our memory of pre-mortal existence
    -science is biased, influenced by interests of institutionalized religion
    -researchers tend to commit fraud chasing new agey profit

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    I conclude that: there is no evidence because it isn't a thing.

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    ei incumbit probatio qui dicit, non qui negat
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    Once, long ago, I chanced to see a side road, and left the main road to venture up it.
    As I neared a small town, I knew where every building was, and their colors before ever I saw them.
    It felt very much like returning home.
    go figgure
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