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Thread: Paranormal... anyone here have any experiences?

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    I posted mine in my introduction:

    I am not convinced that "ghosts" exist, however, I have had several paranormal experiences now that lead me to want to research and investigate further.

    My 2 biggest experiences so far have been:

    1. Saw a flying, wet looking, smokey black ball
    2. Been poked hard in the upper back with nobody around(enough to push me forward)

    Right now there are absolutely 0 actual scientific experiments people have carried out on trying to detect anything like this. I have access to a house where paranormal things occur, including where I got poked. (poked in the back!) What could I setup to possibly detect and monitor any abnormal levels of energy moving throughout the house? Could I ever prove it wasn't natural?

    Am I a soulless blob of flesh?
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    Well, it could be the placebo effect. You thinking something is there is causing your body to react in classical fashion (I.E: causing certain muscles to tense and make you feel a certain effect like a poke).

    If you can afford the cash, you can try and get some EM monitors, as there are stories going around of objects that emit something on an EM frequency that causes people to feel as though they are being haunted.

    You could also try some old fashioned things, like asking it to leave. contrary to hollywood, assuming "ghosts" exist, they're fairly non-hostile. and judging from that black-ball description, you may just have a "sprite" (also known as a wil-o-wisp) messing with you. Since they're rather friendly buggers (supposedly), shoo it away? XP

    that's three possibilities that cover the three sides. Have at it.

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