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Thread: Telepathy is related to telekinesis?

  1. #1 Telepathy is related to telekinesis? 
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    To those people who believe in existence of telepathy I have question. If according to modern science the thoughts of human is material and could be linked to electric impulses and chemical changes in the brain (what could be monitored with physical devices) does that mean to ability to influence somebodies thoughts is in fact some form of telekinesis (which is ability to influence physical objects just by power of your thought)? If not then it does suppose to mean that telepath is capable to influence some immaterial and yet to be discovered structures in human mind?

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    They are related in that they are both fiction.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stanley514 View Post
    To those people who believe in existence of telepathy I have question.
    Not sure you posted on the right forum....I don't think you will find many of those people here.
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    An aluminum foil hat will prevent this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stanley514 View Post
    If according to modern science the thoughts of human is material ...
    Your question is logically equivalent to asking, "If <insert erroneous premise here>, aren't invisible blue unicorns the same as invisible pink unicorns?"

    There is no evidence that telepathy exists. There is no evidence that the thoughts of humans are material. Your entire post is nonsense. You've evidently forgotten the name of this forum.
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