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    I have only one comment at this article - because I am not fully convinced of the reliability of the results and therefore can find no other place for this

    In the last sound clip, I am sure I can hear the beleagured animal shout "No more!" as an attempt to end his interminable ordeal.


    An Elephant That Speaks Korean
    ScienceDaily (Nov. 1, 2012) — An Asian elephant named Koshik can imitate human speech, speaking words in Korean that can be readily understood by those who know the language. The elephant accomplishes this in a most unusual way: he vocalizes with his trunk in his mouth.

    The elephant's vocabulary consists of exactly five words, researchers report on November 1 in Current Biology, a Cell Press publication. Those include "annyong" ("hello"), "anja" ("sit down"), "aniya" ("no"), "nuo" ("lie down"), and "choah" ("good"). Ultimately, Koshik's language skills may provide important insights into the biology and evolution of complex vocal learning, an ability that is critical for human speech and music, the researchers say.

    An elephant that speaks Korean

    Current Biology - An Asian Elephant Imitates Human Speech

    An Elephant that Speaks Korean (3 of 3)

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    We don't need to teach animals how to speak, IMO, but learn what they are saying. They do not understand what we say and cannot do so all they can do is mimic our speech. Better we learn from them than teach them.

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