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Thread: Addendum: "Is Technology Making Us Crazy?"

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    A rather interesting forward came by a few days ago. It consisted of a picture of Albert Einstein, and a claimed quote he made in which he predicted that Science would eventually create a generation of idiots. Following was a series of pics showing: young kids attempting to play at sports while gazing into hand-held illuminated screens, people seated in a theater doing same, others in an elevator, library, driving a car, etc.

    Sorry I didn't save it; it was clever. Perhaps someone has it? jocular

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    There is no evidence that Einstein ever said that. And the (fake) quote (and all its variants) mentions technology, not science.

    I Fear the Day That Technology Will Surpass Our Human Interaction |

    In conclusion, QI believes that Albert Einstein did not write or say any of the three variant quotations. Individuals who were aggravated by the behavior patterns of cell phone users probably facilitated the construction, evolution, and dissemination of this meme. The phrasing of the saying has changed over time and different sets of pictures have been attached. QI hypothesizes that the origination date was recent, perhaps as late as 2012. The efforts of the creators have been successful for now. The basic saying has achieved viral status with its dubious ascription.
    1. 2010, The Ultimate Quotable Einstein, Edited by Alice Calaprice, Princeton University Press, Princeton, New Jersey.
    2. Answerbag website, Section: Questions: Life And Society: More Life And Society, Message posted by Susan_madari, Date October 21, 2012, Answerbag is part of Demand Media Corporation. (Accessed on March 19, 2013) link
    3. website, Website title: “Funny Pictures, Funny Quotes – Photos, Quotes, Images, Pics – is just for fun”, Title: The day that Albert Einstein feared may have finally arrived, Date: November 3, 2012. (Accessed March 19, 2013) link
    4. Wikiquote website, Wikiquote webpage for Albert Einstein: Talk discussion page, History system indicates quotation was added during an update dated November 3, 2012 by an anonymous individual, A Wikimedia Project of Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. (Accessed on March 19, 2013) link

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