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Thread: Cam Follower Mechanism Prototype And Clean Energy Research

  1. #1 Cam Follower Mechanism Prototype And Clean Energy Research 
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    I have made cam follower mechanism for clean energy cheaper than coal.

    My cam follower mechanism is different than today’s cam follower.
    In general cam follower system,
    cam shaft is rotated and follower move up and down according to cam profile.
    In my cam follower system,
    1. Follower is offset.
    2. Force is applied from follower to cam and by using this force cam is rotated.
    3. We can decide how much follower come down for helping cam to rotate particular circumference length.
    4. Follower down 6 cm with 100 kg and rotate cam of 27 cm at 70 kg.
    5. Input energy we use to move follower is =0.06*100 =6 N-Meter
    6 Out put energy we get on cam = 0.27*70 = 18.9 N-Meter
    You can find exact drawing, prototype and description at
    Cam Follower Mechanism Energy Efficiency Rolling Mill Machinery

    I have made cam follower mechanism for clean energy cheaper than coal. You can find my prototype at
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    So you get more energy out than you put in? Pseudoscience.

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