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    'Dark Matter Core Defies Explanation in NASA Hubble Image'

    "This technique revealed the dark matter in Abell 520 had collected into a "dark core," containing far fewer galaxies than would be expected if the dark matter and galaxies were anchored together. Most of the galaxies apparently have sailed far away from the collision. "This result is a puzzle," said astronomer James Jee of the University of California in Davis, lead author of paper about the results available online in The Astrophysical Journal. "Dark matter is not behaving as predicted, and it's not obviously clear what is going on. It is difficult to explain this Hubble observation with the current theories of galaxy formation and dark matter.""

    The dark matter core does not defy explanation. The dark matter core is not a puzzle. The dark matter core is not difficult to explain. It is obviously clear what is going on.

    Non-baryonic dark matter and galaxies are not anchored together. There is no such thing as non-baryonic dark matter. Matter moves through and displaces the aether.

    Aether has mass.

    An objects resistance to acceleration is the force of the displaced aether pushing back and exerting inward pressure toward the object.

    Inertial mass is the mass of an object as it is accelerated with respect to the state of the aether in which it exists. The object displaces the aether as it moves through the aether. Since it is accelerating the force exerted by the displaced aether toward and throughout the object is not equally applied to the object.

    Gravitational mass is the force exerted by the displaced aether toward and throughout an object. When you are standing on the surface of the Earth the aether displaced by the Earth is pushing down and exerting inward pressure toward you.

    Both are the same phenomenon. Both are discussing the displaced aether pushing back and exerting inward pressure toward an object.

    Relativistic mass is the mass of the object and the mass of the aether connected to and neighboring the object which is displaced by the object. The faster an object is moving with respect to the state of the aether in which it exists the more the object displaces the aether the greater the relativistic mass of the object.

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    Can againstthemainstream be another sock puppet of gravitational_aether (aka mpc)?

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    No doubt this is a mpc*** sock puppet. When is it ever going to stop ?
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    It is entirely a coincidence that this new user registered within a few a minutes of gravitational_ether a.k.a. mpc{insert number here} being banned. (I noticed when they registered, as the name stood out)

    No, really.

    There must be more than one nutter whittering on about "displaced ether" like it makes any sense.

    Interesting that they started the thread in pseudo-science, so they must accept that what they are saying is just bluster and nonsense dressed up as science (the definition of pseudo-science) and has as much value as a bowl full of fetid dingo kidneys.
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