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Thread: Celegonome - Theory of THOUGHT!

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    Building machines you come to understand beings and how the body organs work to make a thing that can feel think decide and do almost anything.
    Dfifferent designs accomplish different things.
    Each organ of the cell accomplishes a different task.
    What all the organs add together to make is something by research more then what they teach.
    I am a physics master and biologist as well as a computer scientist and in my research i came to learn about the parts of a cell like the parts of a robot and in doing so i discovered that a cell has the same basic parts needed to make a robot including brain with visual sensory information awareness.

    The cell is a microscopic being like a sperm with a brain organ and liver type organs and all the basic organs needed to make a function thinking being.

    Do you believe it is, building a robot in your imagination and seeing all the parts and what they do, building a cell in your mind does it have the same required parts, it does.

    Do you believe the cell is a thinking organism? do you think it isn't?
    Have you personally done the research that prove either true?

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    In order to properly answer your question I must ask some of my own:

    How would you define thought?

    When you talk of robots do you mean the type of robot we can make today, or the intelligent robot of science fiction?

    As a biologist why do you use the word organ rather than organelle when talking of the microstrcutures in cells?

    Are you arguing that all cells can think, including human erythrocytes?

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