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Thread: Time travel/Destruction of mass

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    So if by astronomical applications, one reached -1 Kelvins, would the matter in the vaccuum reverse the time continuim and recede time itself, or would the matter's molecules vaporize and seize to exist due to absolute zero's stopping of all motion. I propose with this new discovery, that we shall develop suits to harness heat and allow a person to exist in these sub zero conditions so that one might be able to travel backwards in time. However, the conditions might destroy the suit and thus the occupant, which could create a black hole on earth, which might destroy the world as we know it. Until more discoveries have been made, i think the safest bet would be to continue as we are. However, America could travel back to pre WWI with our current technology, and take over the planet for the good of democracy. Communism would be easily defeated, and Hitler's fascist regime could be stopped before the holocaust. This idea is worth a shot.

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    0 Kelvin is by definition the point of absolute zero. You cannot go below that.
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