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    I saw this website the other day:

    This website suggests that gravity is not dents in spacetime, but actually dents in the 3+1 dimensional brane that we are living on, like brane cosmology suggests. Originally, I thought it was a fairly good idea. I liked because it gave a physical object to bend, whereas general relativity says the "fabric of spacetime" bends. However, after thinking about it for a little while longer, I began to think that it was not a good TOE. String theory originally used gravitons as a force carrier particle, and it almost seems as if most of string theory was built around the idea of a graviton. Using string theory to disprove string theory just doesn't seem right. Also, I did more research about the author and the general consensus was that he was a bit of a fraud. Am I a victim of pseudoscience? You thoughts and opinions, please!

    This brings me to my next question. If this theory (which the author calls "Membrane Gravity") is wrong, then what is "the fabric of spacetime?" I have looked around many Physics Forums posts, and I have not found a very good answer. Also, if gravitons do exist, how do they warp nothing (assuming spacetime is nothing)?

    Lastly, if "Membrane Gravity" turns out alright in the end, I was wondering whether it would allow for a different number of dimensions in string theory. I did some research on physics forums and found that one of the reasons that we don't have higher dimensions than 11 is that there would be anomalies with the graviton. The post said that there would need to be multiple gravitons, some of which would have to have more than a 2 spin. However, using "Membrane Gravity," there would be no such thing as a graviton, therefore allowing for more than 11 dimensions. Could someone clear this up for me and perhaps give me more anomalies with dimensions higher than 11? I saw that Michio Kaku said that a higher than 11 dimensional universe wants to collapse back down into a 11 dimensional universe. However, I think that having a limit on the number of degrees of freedom is odd.


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