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Thread: spirits ( ghosts ) - are they more than a field of energy ?

  1. #1 spirits ( ghosts ) - are they more than a field of energy ? 
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    There are numerous accounts of ghost encounters and almost all religions are based on the worship of spirits - saints, gods etc.

    If spirits are just made up of energy, how do they think without a physical brain, neurons and other elements that make logical thinking possible as in living humans ?
    even the most advanced computers need some sort of physical element to carry the currents to the correct locations for calculations to occur.

    Apart from energy, i am wondering if there are undiscovered particles that make up a structure which enables the signals to be carried to the correct places for logical thinking and movement ? Also could there be a structure that represents muscles, tendons, nerves that make the other part of the body move. For example for a spirit to raise it's hand, it first has to think logically what it is going to do and then pass on the signal to the hand for any movement to occur.

    Many a night I sleep, wondering through the milky way searching through the heavens for an answer.

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    Your question is based upon the belief that spirits actually exist outside the minds of those people seeing them. There is very limited and questionable evidence to support this view. I find it unconvincing and I have seen and heard ghosts on three very separate occassions. On that basis - the non-existence of ghosts - your questions have no meaning.

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